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Battery Container Mould

Design technology
Through the battery casing mold 3D auxiliary design (UG, PRO / E, Solid Works) to provide customers with professional advice: the authenticity of the Battery Container Mould effect, the reliability of the product strength, the rationality of the product structure. To achieve a unique design aspirations for customers, break through the mediocrity of restraint, create products, and lead the success.
Manufacturing process
With (Master CAM, Mold Folw) as the design simulation, advanced equipment (CNC CNC machining, EDM electric discharge machining, wire cutting, CNC milling machine, lathe, grinding machine, drilling machine, etc., high-precision engraving machine) for processing integration, excellence.
Battery casing mold maintenance mold maintenance is more important than mold maintenance. The more times the mold is repaired, the shorter the life is. The better the mold maintenance, the longer the service life will be.
The necessity of battery casing mold maintenance
A. Maintain the normal operation of the mold and reduce the unnecessary wear of the moving parts;
B. Make the mold reach the normal service life;
C. Reduce oil pollution in production.
Battery shell mold maintenance classification
Daily maintenance of the mold;
Regular maintenance of the mold;
The appearance of the mold is maintained.
Maintenance precautions
A. Exercise parts, daily maintenance must be refueling;
B. The mold surface must be clean: the label paper should not be adhered to the P/L surface. The goods are not taken out before the goods are still taken out, and the beer is still in the P/L position;
C. If an abnormality is found, such as an ejector abnormality, the opening and closing mode sounds louder, etc. must be repaired in time.
Precautions for use
1. When using the lifting ring, it must be checked first to ensure that it is intact;
2. Use equipment, especially with flying debris, be sure to wear glasses;
3. Protective clothing and protective glasses must be worn during welding;
4. It is strictly forbidden to work on the bottom of the mold.
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