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Plastic Crate Moulds

Mold steel selection
Plastic Crate Moulds requires a higher appearance and a high luminosity on the surface of the product, so the choice of mold material is very important. However, considering the price, it is generally suitable to choose P20 steel, P20 is pre-hard steel, not suitable for heat treatment.
However, it can be nitrided and has a hardness of 280HRC to 400. Since it has been pre-hardened, mechanical cutting is not too difficult, and the hardness of this steel is higher than that of medium carbon steel, and the deformation is also stable than that of medium carbon steel. Therefore, it is broadly used.
Mold structure design
Professional designers design a reasonable structure for you to achieve the shortest production cycle and reduce unnecessary processing procedures to improve production efficiency.
Cold runners, hot runners, and hot nozzle cold runner structures are the three most commonly used.
Cooling water system and gate design
According to the structural characteristics of Plastic Crate Moulds and the appearance requirements of the product, the design of reasonable gate forms includes large gates, latent gates and fan gates, needle valves and so on. A reasonable cooling system can balance the mold temperature in the shortest time to improve product accuracy and product production efficiency.
Huangyan Giant Star Mould Factory is one of the most professional plastic crate moulds manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides high quality plastic crate moulds made in China with reasonable price. Welcome to order, we will give you the best price and best service.
  • Industrial Crates Mould
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    Industrial Crates Mould

    The design of this Industrial Crates Mould has been upgraded and improved.
    We use advanced design software, including Moldflow, UG, PROE and AUTOCAD, as well as HRC28-32 P20 tool steel to increase the hardness of the mold, allowing it to have excellent synthetic...
  • Beer Crates Mould
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    Beer Crates Mould

    For this Beer Crates Mould, the company uses advanced auxiliary design systems such as CAD \ CAM \ CAE in the mold development and manufacturing process, and uses P20 / H13 die steel to pass the quenching and high temperature tempering, so it has excellent synthesis.
  • Heavy-duty Plastic Crates Mould
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    Heavy-duty Plastic Crates Mould

    We designed Heavy-duty Plastic Crates Mould using CAD, Pro-E, UG and other advanced software.
    We use a new circulating water cooling system to solve the defects of the ordinary mold cooling system, the cooling time is the shortest, and finally the Heavy-duty Plastic...
  • Large Plastic Box Mould
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    Large Plastic Box Mould

    With the development of technology, Large Plastic Box Mould has been upgrading.
    We have complete mold finishing equipment, including CNC engraving equipment, high speed machining centers, CNC lathes, EDM and wire cutting equipment.
    Senior technical personnel in...
  • Plastic Bread Box Mould
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    Plastic Bread Box Mould

    Plastic Bread Box Mould is made of high-quality P20 die steel and is quenched and tempered in the medium term to provide excellent mechanical properties and hardness.
    In the final stage, nitriding is performed to have a very high surface hardness and wear resistance...
  • Material Handling Crates Mould
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    Material Handling Crates Mould

    We specialize in Material Handling Crates Mould. By nitriding, small deformation is caused, and the hardness and wear resistance of the mold surface are improved, and the service life is effectively extended.
  • Plastic Pallet Mould
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    Plastic Pallet Mould

    1. Qualify P20 (28-32hrc) and S45C template from Shanghai Baosteel are used for this plastic pallet, and UG、CATIA、MOULD FLOW、PRO/E software are used for comprehensive design analysis in mold structure and product structure (including draft angle, shrinkage, design of...
  • Plastic Bins Mould
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    Plastic Bins Mould

    1.For this quality plastic case mold, with advanced equipment such as CNC/EDM, a comprehensive design analysis in mold structure and product structure by senior technicians in the industry relying on CAD/CAM/CAE computer-aided process (including draft angle, shrinkage, design...
  • Plastic Box Mould
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    Plastic Box Mould

    For this plastic case mold, we are trying to do the best in each step from preliminary working to finish machining, from inspection and assembly to trial production and from drawing review to material preparation. We combine innovative technology and craft esthetics and...
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