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Plastic Furniture Moulds

Plastic Furniture Moulds refers to the production of furniture that is processed from plastic tubes, plates, profiles or plastics, glass reinforced plastic (ie reinforced plastic) directly in the mold. The plastic furniture is colorful, diverse in shape, full in shape and rich in texture. Light and easy to clean.
Plastic furniture is rich in color, diverse in shape, rich in shape and rich in texture. It is light and easy to clean, including:
Furniture made of various plastics;
FRP (reinforced plastic) furniture;
Open-air plastic chairs and tables.
1. Plastic Furniture Moulds' frame and sheet can be extruded directly from the extruder to meet the cross-sectional shape requirements, and the processing method is greatly simplified.
2. It can be directly matched to the color in the formula without the need for paint coating.
3. Plastic furniture has the same hardness, rigidity, insulation properties, weather resistance and dimensional stability as natural wood, and its performance in anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, moisture-proof and anti-insect is far better than natural wood.
4. Plastic furniture, especially PVC furniture, has an outstanding advantage compared with wood furniture. It is flame retardant, PVC has self-extinguishing properties, and the fire safety factor is much improved.
Huangyan Giant Star Mould Factory is one of the most professional plastic furniture moulds manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides high quality plastic furniture moulds made in China with reasonable price. Welcome to order, we will give you the best price and best service.
  • Plastic Round Table Moulds
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    Plastic Round Table Moulds

    The plastic Round Table Moulds are coherent from the overall shape of the appearance to the curvature of the control.
    It makes full use of CNC precision engraving, CNC lathe, EDM, wire cutting and other mold finishing equipment, using 718 easy-cut pre-hard quality...
  • Plastic Square Table Moulds
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    Plastic Square Table Moulds

    For Plastic Square Table Moulds, we use advanced CAD / CAM / CAE assisted design processes, CNC / CNE processing equipment and high quality die steel to produce quality products.
    The high-end 718 die steel we use has excellent hardness, wear resistance, strength and...
  • Plastic Armchair Moulds
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    Plastic Armchair Moulds

    Plastic Armchair Moulds product data is provided by the customer, the data can be samples or 3D, 2D data.
    The customer needs to provide all the information of the product, including shrinkage data, product matching requirements, product external light requirements,...
  • Plastic Baby Chair Moulds
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    Plastic Baby Chair Moulds

    For this Plastic Baby Chair Moulds, we use advanced foreign technology to increase hardness and reduce costs.
    The hardness is improved by tempering after the first heat treatment.
    We are working hard to achieve the best in every step, from drawing review to...
  • Plastic Lawn Chairs Mould
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    Plastic Lawn Chairs Mould

    For Plastic Lawn Chairs Mould, with the help of CAD / CAM / CAE computers, we combine innovative technology and process aesthetics to create a plastic lounge chair mould with a beautiful overall shape and detail by strictly controlling each program.
    By using an efficient...
  • Plastic Bathroom Stool Moulds
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    Plastic Bathroom Stool Moulds

    The Plastic Bathroom Stool Moulds are very demanding in appearance and require a bright surface, so the choice of materials is very important.
    We use 718 hardened mold steel, which has stable performance and excellent polishing performance, and is easy to achieve mirror...
  • Plastic Kitchen Stool Moulds
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    Plastic Kitchen Stool Moulds

    This plastic kitchen stool mold uses 718 die steel.
    Through the advanced manufacturing process, the service life of the mold is improved, and the surface treatment of the mold has no flash or burrs.
    For this Plastic Kitchen Stool Moulds, good structural design is...
  • Plastic Home Stool Moulds
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    Plastic Home Stool Moulds

    For this Plastic Home Stool Moulds, the mold design is optimized to shorten the mold development cycle and ensure the quality of the mold.
    The Plastic Home Stool Moulds uses 718 plastic mold steel to improve its service life by quenching pre-hardened steel and low...
  • Plastic Stool Mould
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    Plastic Stool Mould

    Mould flow analyse Q1: What kind of molds do you make? Plastic injection mold, Compression mold or something else? A1: We are mainly making plastic mold injection and rubber compression mold. Sometimes we also make die casting molds according to our customer’s requirements....
  • Plastic Back Chair With Insert
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    Plastic Back Chair With Insert

    Product Description Packaging & Shipping Packaging details: Step 1, the mould covered with anti-corrosive oil inside. Step 2, mould outside paint with anti-rust oil and plastic film outside. Or painting some special colors like blue color, yellow color, etc, and plastic...
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    Plastic Square Table Moulds

    Juxing plastic square table moulds
  • Plastic Round Table Mould
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    Plastic Round Table Mould

    Plastic Round table mould
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