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Plastic Chair Mould

Production process
The customer provides the final confirmed drawings, 3D shapes, physical objects, and prototypes. As long as one of them is available, we can make 3D modeling data of the chair mold according to the product data provided by the customer. After the chair mold 3D modeling data is made, the chair mold steel is ordered.
Mold steel selection
Such products are highly demanding on the appearance, and the surface of the chair mold product requires high brightness. Therefore, the selection of the chair mold material is very important, and the pre-hardened acid-proof steel such as 2316 can be generally selected. The properties of these two materials are super corrosion resistant, excellent polishing performance, easy to achieve lens polishing effect, hardness after quenching can reach more than 52, and wear resistance is quite strong. The mounting blocks, guide posts, guide sleeves, sliders, slider sleeves, and slanted top blocks of the spare parts are made of wear-resistant standard parts to improve the service life of the chair mold.
The surface of the chair mold is mirror polished.
After the 3D data of the model chair mold is good, after the steel is also selected, the CNC machining of the chair mold begins. The person in charge of the chair mold arranges the processing flow of the mold.
After all the processing of the chair mold is completed, the transfer of the chair mold after the start is started. After these steps are completed, the Plastic Chair Mould can be tested. After the product is qualified, the final confirmation of the chair mold can be confirmed with the customer.
Plastic Chair Mould adopts I-shaped structure, P20 or 2738 for cavity and core, 2316 or 718 for slider, guide groove and insert, SKD for guide post, guide bush, sprue bush, pull rod and reset lever Standard parts, the formwork is made of self-made standard formwork. The corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness of good materials make polishing easier, saving production cycles, extending mold life, reducing maintenance and repair time, reducing the risk of cracking and increasing production effectiveness.
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