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Plastic Stool Moulds

  • Plastic Bathroom Stool Moulds
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    Plastic Bathroom Stool Moulds

    The Plastic Bathroom Stool Moulds are very demanding in appearance and require a bright surface, so the choice of materials is very important.
    We use 718 hardened mold steel, which has stable performance and excellent polishing performance, and is easy to achieve mirror...
  • Plastic Kitchen Stool Moulds
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    Plastic Kitchen Stool Moulds

    This plastic kitchen stool mold uses 718 die steel.
    Through the advanced manufacturing process, the service life of the mold is improved, and the surface treatment of the mold has no flash or burrs.
    For this Plastic Kitchen Stool Moulds, good structural design is...
  • Plastic Home Stool Moulds
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    Plastic Home Stool Moulds

    For this Plastic Home Stool Moulds, the mold design is optimized to shorten the mold development cycle and ensure the quality of the mold.
    The Plastic Home Stool Moulds uses 718 plastic mold steel to improve its service life by quenching pre-hardened steel and low...
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