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  • Fork Lift Battery Container Moulds
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    Fork Lift Battery Container Moulds

    According to the structural characteristics, the mold manufacturing is divided into a flat punching die and a cavity die having a space.
    The punching die utilizes the precise fit of the punch and the die, and some even have no clearance fit.
    Others such as Fork...
  • Motorcycle Battery Container Moulds
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    Motorcycle Battery Container Moulds

    The most important factors in choosing the right mold material are thermal strength and thermal stability.
    Motorcycle Battery Container Moulds' main requirements are good machinability, high hardness, low heat treatment distortion, good polishing performance, and strong...
  • Auto Battery Container Mould
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    Auto Battery Container Mould

    Mold flow analysis of Auto Battery Container Mould
    1. Determine the optimal forming plan by Mold flow, avoiding defects such as weld marks, trapped gas, and lack of glue;
    2. Provide customers with product optimization and material selection reference;
  • Plastic Panel Moulds
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    Plastic Panel Moulds

    Plastic Panel Moulds require high appearance and no shrinkage marks on the surface, so it is of great importance when selecting mold materials.
    In general, we use 718 and 2738 pre-hardened steel, they are stable, well polished, easy to achieve mirror polishing effect,...
  • Fender Product Mould
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    Fender Product Mould

    Fender Product Mould requires a smooth surface after molding, and has no defects in appearance such as shrinkage, weld lines, silver filaments, color separation, material shortage, flash, cracks and deformation.
    The fender profile and the tire ensure a good uniform...
  • Grill Mould
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    Grill Mould

    For Grill Mold, we use advanced technology and quality materials to provide you with high quality products.
    It uses German 2738 die steel as raw material and adopts a new circulating water cooling system to improve production efficiency and ensure the service life of the...
  • Front Bumper Mould
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    Front Bumper Mould

    The Front Bumper Mould is a device that wraps around the front of the car to protect the vehicle from collisions.
    With advanced CAD / CAE / CAM technology, carefully controlled design and dimensions through the CNC / EDM high-speed machining center, we manufacture a...
  • Rear Bumper Mould
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    Rear Bumper Mould

    For this Rear Bumper Mould, we combine technology and art to precisely control its appearance and size, and carefully design every detail based on the complete CNC / EDM machining center and CAD / CAE / CAM technology.
  • Plastic Stools Mould
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    Plastic Stools Mould

    The Plastic Stools Mould is cleverly designed.
    It features 718 pre-hardened die steel, which is stable and well polished, making it easy to achieve mirror finish.
    Its HRC hardness of 25-37 degrees or more, and high wear resistance, is the material of choice for...
  • Plastic Planters Mould
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    Plastic Planters Mould

    This Plastic Planters Mould is a new design and we have been trying to capture some of the market share.
    We have a complete mold design system for forward-looking technical research and new product development.
  • Plastic Cabinets Mould
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    Plastic Cabinets Mould

    As the details determine success or failure, for this Plastic Cabinets Mould, we try to control each program from drawing review to material preparation, from preliminary machining to finishing, from inspection and assembly to pilot production.
    We use high-quality P20...
  • Plastic Dustbins Mould
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    Plastic Dustbins Mould

    For this plastic waste bin mold, we adhere to the "people-oriented, continuous innovation" concept, implement the principle of "pursuing excellence, manufacturing quality products", and follow tenants "pay attention to every detail."
    In order to make the cavity smooth,...
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